Up and running in 6 hours (ish)

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It's been quite a week.

Saturday 22nd October - Stumbled across HAH (via Pachube) and found a Livebox on ebay

Tuesday 25th October - Took delivery of Livebox - but it was a V1.2 mini - try again

Friday 28th October - Took delivery of V1.0

Saturday 29th October - ventured into world of hacking, and after 6 hours got HAH on my Livebox

In all honesty, I think the 5 days delay was good since I read/re-read all the available docs, and avoided some errors.

It only took 6 hours since I run Vista, so forgot to run the FTP server and Re-flasher as Admin - doh!


Anyway the docs that exist enabled even me to get up and running, so they can't be that bad.

Now to wait till next payday and order the HAH hardware.

Cheers for all the help you have already provided via the forums and other docs,


Glasgow, United Kingdom
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Good work & thanks for the Vista tip

Congrats on your new HA platform!

I've added your note re Vista/admin running to the Wiki. Hopefully, your pain will avoid the same for others.


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