2 boxes same neteork

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Due to multiple lock ups where laivebox loses connectivity to the HAH i am looking at implementing a soloution of 2 HAH units.

1 for RF (essential)

and 1 for everything else 1 wire currentcost posting to pachube etc.

Now my question is 2 fold i know i have to set the mac address different and the "instance" needs to change.


My question is how can i get joggler to work Rf on 1 box and display current cost, inputs and operate relays from the other box?

I assume i only need 1 iserver running, how would i pull this together?


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There is feature that might

There is feature that might work for you


This will allow you to FORCE the HAH to see the AVR as a certain level of firmware, even if the automatic detection fails.

xAP is distributed.  You only need 1 iServer, 1 pachube, and 1 of most things however you need to make sure the two liveboxes are

  • In their own namespace... ie dbzoo.livebox.a. and dbzoo.livebox.b  so their addresses don't collide.
  • You need to make sure each livebox has a unique MAC address or you will get lock ups.
  • The UIDs also should be different between the liveboxes too.

As long as you have setup the address mapping on the joggler to the correct namespace you shouldn't care from where its originated.  This is one of the most excellent things about xAP that for most people with a single box and no other xAP devices goes completely unnoticed.


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