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I have just built my HAH (306 build), and have been playing. When I got around to googlecal I was up and runing right away.

Then, I noticed that the GUI was reporting date/time @ UTC, so I went ahead and changed /etc/TZ to GMT0BST-1 as we are now in BST (i will add the changeover dates/times later and retest). This fixed my time in the O/S and GUI and my HAH now reports the UK date/time.

Anyhow - my googlecal stopped working (as it should have worked).

I think I traced it back to the xap-googlecal calling the gcal service with the following date format params:YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ssZ where Z is obviously zulu time - UTC. This effectively means that the xap-googlecal is looking ahead 1 hour in google (from the HAH's perspective).

Should the param be of the following format?:

YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss+01:00  (using the GMT/BST offset)

i.e ditch the Z and opt for offset from GMT

Date offsets are a pandora's box, and I have yet to look at any of the hah code in google, so I may be barking up wrong tree.

What do you think?

NB:If I rerun the commands from my python shell to mimic xap-googlecal using the offset method I get the correct data returned.


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