Smartwares Radiator Valve 433MHz (TRV)

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Smartwares Radiator Valve 433MHz

Over Christmas I purchased a couple of Smartwares 433MHz radiator valves on eBay for £30 plus shipping from the Netherlands (manufacturer refurbished).

See following link for description They came as a pair with a 4 channel remote control and various adapter to fit different radiator valves.

The design of the valve is not great, the LCD is poor as there is no back light, the rotary dial feels very tacky, they are quite large and do hit the side of my radiators slightly. But I have managed to control them from my HAH setup, by switching them between the night set temperature and day set temperature (basically on or off).

It appears that you should be able to set them to a temperature range from 5c to 28c remotely. I am currently trying to work out the code but it is different to the basic on off code. There are over 80 frames.

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