Release 281

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This is a maintenance release to fix a few niggly issues.  It needed to support the new v3.2 AVR firmware (beta) which is a rewrite of the AVR firmware from BASCOM into C to resolve the URF issues and to improve relability/maintainability.

  • new xap-currentcost switch so data can be sourced from a file, useful for debugging.
  • xap-currencost: Report event on a endpoints initial registration.
  • Upgrade xap-googlecal library from 0.9.3 -> 0.9.6
  • force termination of 1WIRE ROMID at 16bytes workaround an AVR 2.4 firmware bug
  • Plugboard loads applets in Alpha order. This is important for BSC endpoints. A numerical prefix to a filename will preserve the auto assigned UID.
  • Add parameter to xap.Timer():start() to allow a timer to activate on startup or to delay until expiration.  See wiki Doc.
  • JeeNode support tweaks
  • xap-livebox: support for variable baud rates; enable Arduino replacement for HAH hardware
  • xap-livebox: Added AVR version retry logic

For those that can flash their own HEX its been uploaded to the Google code project site.  This has proven to be reliable there are possible a few more changes to come to reduce the 1wire reporting further and round the output to 1 decimal place instead of its existing 2.


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