RELAYs with jeenode

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Freilassing, Austria
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I want to do some operations on my house-control-systems like Heating, Ventilation, Sauna, etc. with jeenode via the jeelab RELAY-PLUGs (

I think it should be no problem (not tested by now) to switch one of the 2 RELAYS on the plug with the xap OutputNode - Module in the given lua-script as described in the wiki, which is controlled by the digital port.


My question is: How can I address the second RELAY on the PLUG, which is hanging on the same jeenode-Port, but is controlled by the analog port?


Can I edit/update the OutputNode-Module to manage that, and how is this done?

Thanks for your suggestions!

Markus from Austria


In the Attachment you can see my suggestion for the OutputNode2 Code (generated from the original OutputNode Code).

I simply doubled the number of variables in the jeenode-lua-module to control the digital as well as the analog part of each jeenode port, where the variables 1-4 in the module are corresponding to the digital (as in the original OutputNode) and the new values 5-8 to the analog parts of the physical port. In other words: variable 1 sets port 1 digital, variable 2 sets port 2 digital, ..., variable 5 sets port 1 analog, variable 6 sets port 2 analog, ... 

Can anyone put this into the HAH-firmware or tell me how to manage that?

Thanks, Markus!

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