O2 Joggler and my broken light in living room

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Well to start with I am A HARDWARE ENGINEER i deal with resistors nuts cap's and bolts.  Software forget it i at my own admission am crap.

But today i broke a light in our living room when i went running into wife and said loooooooooook...................fell over cat grabbed light breaking it into 5+ pieces

you get the picture

anyway once i finally came round (forgot to mention hit head oh fire-cast iron log burner) 10 minutes later wife after realizing i was actually ok and she was not about to be widowed and rich said what? have we won the lottery???? No was my reply i got this working kindof....


she looked and on joggler was a single display saying Outside Temp (no actual display of temp) but it said Outside temp in a nice translucent button.


to repeat her language would be inappropriate..especially on forum

so i set up viewer on a pc and server and have a couple of questions.

on xmlconfig what ip should be the iserver ip?  HAH or a real pc running iserver?  seems a bit lax in this definition on docs i have read

on xap viewer i see hah sending out loads of stuff, nothing from joggler.

can someone point me in right direction please.  yes RTFM several times.

Wifey has calmed down as i have this weekend sold a load of current cost stuff on fleabay, and annoyed one ebayer as i dropped a display whilst packing it :( .




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