Liveboxes for sale

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Providence, United States
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I was contact by Marcus one of the forum members who sent me this email


I have two liveboxes, one flashed with the latest HAH  firmware the other is just standard, and a power supply. I'm sorry to say I've gone to the dark side and am using a raspberry PI, so I'd like to get rid of my liveboxes. I don't want to join the forum just to make one post, so I'm wondering if you 
can post/ask for me?


I'm in Coventry UK. They are free if they are picked up, or if someone 
arranges a courier - I'll pack them.

Don't want to see them go to waste if I can find someone that wants them.
Thanks for any help.




If anybody is interested drop me a private message and I'll pass along Marcus's email addr.


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