hex data over Jeenode advice (for ir tx)

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Hi all,

I'm after some help if you can. I am trying to ultimately produce a IRtransmitter node for the HAH and have got so far and am now hitting my head against a brick wall.

Using the Kenn Sherrif arduino library I have managed to get the HAH to send serial data to an arduino and control allmy home cinema kit fairly easily but now I'm trying to make the jump to jeenodes so that it becomes usable in the real world.

I think I am happy with the jeenodeApplet modification and have created an irtxnode.lua to handle the data (thanks to the boiler node examples), but this is where I come unstuck.

I need to somehow send both a protocol iodentifyer and an eight digit hex code via the jeenode so that my sketchcan decode and send the IR signal.

I think therefore I need to send an eight bit code representing the protocol and a 32bit code representing the IR code. If i am correct these need to be comma delimited.

Now then, do I need to convert my hex code (482C9867) for example to decimal in lua prior to sending or can I use the /x protocol for xap.serial or none of these? 

I am afraid I might be getting in too deep here, all similar examples I can find on the net are undecipherable to me? any advice on ways forward would be much appreciated.

If it ever works I will of course post the code up.




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