current cost / pachube data averaging

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great work, I am loving playing with this. got mine setup today.

One question though, I would like to view my electricity usage on pachube and have got the data squirting across every sixty secs. however, the pachube historic data only takes a snapshot every 15mins, therefore this gives very skewed data when say the oven only kicks in and out to keep at temp. I would have thought pachube would average individual points for the 15min data point but it does not.

I guess I am asking if anyone else is bothered by this and if there is a way around it, The current cost history dump does contain this data in two hour averages. could this be converted into xAP messages when the currect cost unit does the dump (every two hours or so).

I would rather have total data useage with less resolution than missing large spikes (it is rare for the spike to coincid exactly with pachubes 15min snap shot.


any ideas??

many thanks,



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