AVR Firmware Update

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A couple of users, Garry and Dan, have been asking about the AVR firmware and Brett "suggested" I might give an update, so here goes....


There are some issues around the current BASCOM compiled version that are leading to problems with RF control.  I believe Garry and Brett have found a workaround that reboots the AVR giving back control of the RF equipment, see this post for more info :- http://www.homeautomationhub.com/content/avr-reboot


Moving forward:

Brett has been rewriting this code "blind" over the last few weeks, by this I mean that he's been coding, but unable to actually test the code he's been writing.  However, we have now managed to complete some initial testing and have got some basic functionallity working, this includes relay control, 1wire temperature sensors and inputs. 

The RF component is currently being tested, but is proving difficult to debug.  I don't belive Brett has started on the I2C code yet.

Another advantage of this new code is that it will allow in-place firmware updates, as discussed here, http://www.homeautomationhub.com/content/arduino-boot-loader.  This will greatly increase the flexibility of the HAH allowing easier expansion in the future.

The development of this code has been done using the Arduino IDE, hopefully this might make it more accessible to others, encouraging them to help with the development.

 Despite both Brett and Derek being extreamly busy at the moment, they are still able to look at future developments, the JeeNode being one, http://www.dbzoo.com/livebox/hah_jeenode.

I hope this give you an idea of what Brett and Derek have been doing recently and I'm sure they will add/correct anything that I may have got wrong,



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